Construction is not just the assembling of the parts of a building...'s the coming together of lives and circumstances to build a house that will forever be yours. We organize and direct the collaboration of dozens upon dozens of subcontractors, suppliers and designers to create a house that is beautiful, functional and durable.


The founder of House, Christopher Dolan, is a 30 year veteran of construction and is enjoying construction science now more than ever. He created House to demonstrate that the real savings in construction today is through early collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers that will be doing the work. Their good ideas are incorporated early into your great design.


We borrow the best methods from different management styles and discard the rest. We utilize in-house design. We test and adopt practices that divert most of your money into the house itself, and away from over-priced design decisions. We seek economy, durability and beauty in all of our offerings. We embraced green building twenty years ago and helped found the Colorado Green Building Guild in 2004.


We keep very detailed records of all expenses, and use our recent job costs to look ahead and accurately predict what it will cost to build for the next year. We constantly search for the best ways to use the budget you have now to work toward the long term goals of your house. We follow a "Master Plan" for your house that you help create, and show you the proper sequence to follow so you can achieve your perfect house over time.

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  • When people see the deck addition House did, they say ‘wow’...not ‘Gee this is really nice’... they all say WOW.
    — Bob W.
  • I am in the beginning stages of building my project and have been absolutely pleased and thrilled with the level of service I'm receiving. Very impressed with the crews that have been working on my project. Everyone has been incredibly respectful and easy to work with. I will continue to update as we dig deeper into building.
    — Katie Y.
  • I wish every contractor I have worked with in the past had as much attention to detail as Chris does. He thinks of every possible angle when building as if it would be his own, and leaves no stone unturned. As a designer, he makes my job so much easier. His knowledge in design, implementing and organizational skills are nothing short of stellar. I highly recommend HOUSE for any project, large or small. It has been a great experience and I am looking forward to many more projects to come!!
    — Eve Whiston, EMK Design
  • I cannot say how much we LOVED doing business with Chris Dolan of HOUSE!!!! First of all, he was 8 days under time for completion, and $8K under budget, which we all know is unheard of! This man is truly a gem and knows what he's doing on every level. His integrity is beyond words, he actually DOES what he says!! He is impeccable with the details, which saves the homeowner a lot of time and aggravation. He has never missed an answer to any question asked.. Truly a pleasure to work with. Great attitude and great ideas for any job big or small!!!
    — Lori P.
  • This man is the most thoughtful contractor I have ever been around! And that is saying a lot for me, because my whole family is in construction. Truly considerate and willing to respectfully get things done! I would hands down recommend this man to anyone needing a contractor for both small and large jobs.
    — House Colleague