Building a Gabion Wall

Building a Gabion Wall

From Start to Finish

Part of the landscaping efforts at our Basalt Residence Project include the installation of a Gabion Wall. Some wire, a whole pile of rocks, and our skilled labor result in a very cool looking wall that your neighbors likely will not have. 

What is a Gabion Wall?


To create a Gabion Wall, cages are wired together into a shape and then filled in with rocks (or other materials). The particular wall we are installing at the Basalt Residence Project features a basket with a statue niche wired in.

Source:  via Pinterest

Source: via Pinterest

Why might someone want a Gabion Wall?


Gabion Walls are economical and less expensive to install than other rock walls

aesthetic appeal

Gabion Walls are aesthetically interesting and contempoary

strength and ease of installation

Source:  ArchDaily  via Pinterest

Source: ArchDaily via Pinterest

Gabion Walls are a great alternative to traditional rock walls as they are much stronger and easier to install


Gabion Walls can be made to almost any height and length


Gabion Walls can be filled with a whole range of rocks and other materials, like terracotta, bricks, glass, or logs.


the Basalt Residence Project's Gabion Wall

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Interested in seeing the rest of the home that this Gabion Wall belongs to? Check out @houseaspen and #BasaltResidenceProject on Instagram!

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