house is founded on three guiding principles


Make sure the design and finish selections are thorough and complete, reducing construction costs.
Use a team of hand-picked subcontractors to deliver both on-budget and on-time.
Demonstrate a level of transparency and honesty that separates us from the rest of the crowd

Christopher Dolan, Principal

When Christopher Dolan founded House, he wanted to create a company that had a sense of purpose. He believes that the longer a company exists, the more contributions it should be making to the community that supports it. We consider ourselves leaders in education, green building and development of methods that bring out the best in all of our efforts.


In the Roaring Fork Valley, now more than ever, innovation in construction management is the clearest way to building with a budget. With careful advanced planning, and being patient with starting on site, we have saved months off of actual site work and thousands of dollars on site costs. It is quite normal for us to finish a project with a surplus that goes directly to the homeowner. In the very near future, we expect to begin experimenting with smaller homes that are built off-site.

dolan with kids.jpg

Chris and his family of five has been living in the Aspen and Basalt area since 2001. He is raising his children here, and is a homeowner and responsible community member. Chris has logged years of volunteering for local non profits such as the Aspen Community School, Habitat for Humanity, Aspen Art Museum and others. Chris contributes his time and ideas every year to support Lemonade Day for local youths, and has coached a Little League baseball team.